Who's On First
Abbott & Costello's most famous routine which was awarded the routine of the millenium by Time magazine.
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One of their best. Abbott gets a job at a bakery loafing and Costello can't understand that he gets paid for it.
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Turkey Sanswich and a Cup of Coffee
Another one of their best. Bud only as a quarter, enough to buy a turkey sandwich and a cup of coffee. He promises Lou half of the sandwich, but to not look poor in front of the waitress, he tells Lou to state he doesn't care for anything. While Lou follows orders, Bud wants to look generious at the same time, and coaxes Lou into ordering something.
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Alright Piano Routine
This routine is where Lou tries to impress a girl on how well he can play the piano. There is only one problem, he can’t play the piano. Bud plays a record behind the piano whenever he hears the word, “alright.” Of course, this leads to much hilarity. This routine was scripted from the A&C TV show.
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The Drill Routine
This drill routine was done in their film Buck Privates. Bud is trying to turn Lou into a shining example of a soldier, but Lou just can't figure out how to march in step with the rest of the soldiers.
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